Sitting Out A Meme
September 29th, 2012 by Ice Cream Jonsey

Christ, you people sound like idiots.

It’s been a while since I sat one out. I’m the first to click, usually. I don’t care. Pride has nothing to do with it. Usually they are a little funny, for most of my life they have been worth talking about. I hate not knowing. I don’t know why.

You really all do sound like easily-led impressionable assholes.

You get that kernel of comedy. I guess. Maybe there is some joy in sharing a thing with a bunch of people that are like you, as long as you don’t have to see them in person or relate to them in real-life in any way. Sometimes I worry that I’m going to find everything funny that my brain can register as funny. And that will just be mined. All that will be left is that fake laughter that comes out when meeting a stranger, when trying to be polite.

Is this your meme? If it is your meme, OK. Otherwise, you are a piece of shit stealing someone else’s meme. Shut up. Quit posting about it.

The first one for me was really “All Your Base.” That phrase entered my consciousness long before I saw the animated GIFs. They’re never going to top that, but I keep clicking anyway. They do seem to get worse each time one takes the Internet by storm. Marginally worse, but they are just not worth knowing any more.

How I see you all is how the rest of the world sees us all the time. Smug fucking dipshit retards with our smug little cant, smugly raising an eyebrow because it’s not cool to laugh. I hate every minute.

Every third tweet, every random link is some tedious motherfucking shithead going hgluahglua about GANGHAM STYLE!!!!!!DERP!

I don’t fucking care, I don’t fucking care, it sounds fucking stupid, I don’t fucking care. I don’t want to be one of you any more. I hate you all and wish you would shut the fuck up.

Someone will try to introduce me to this and I usually politely put myself through it but not this time, and not any more. Is it about some dickhead dancing in a different culture? I don’t even care. I can’t close comments but don’t leave a comment. Shep Smith needs someone to kill himself over lunch on Monday, go do that thing. Let that be the new meme.

Here is a guy ganghan styling to oh wait just click fuck you

We really do all come off as socially-maladjusted idiots.

2 Responses  
  • Tansin A. Darcos writes:
    September 30th, 201212:48 pmat

    Hey, Jonsey, you forgot to tell us if you want cheese with your whine!

  • Retro writes:
    October 1st, 20127:15 amat

    Isn’t that the point of having a personal, more or less private forum of close and like minded friends? Specifically that you won’t have to be exposed to that sort of crap?

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