Jay Schilling’s Edge of Chaos
October 2nd, 2020 by Ice Cream Jonsey

Jay Schilling’s Edge of Chaos.

By Robb Sherwin and Mike Sousa.

There was an aye-aye behind the bar, staring at me horribly. Or maybe its face just froze that way. I was waiting for my client at ten at night in a dusty, dirty town in the middle of nowhere. Clouds out here were apparently one of the thirty million newly unemployed. There was a missing woman and my client was about to hire an amateur private detective with the world’s most technologically advanced cellular phone. This was going to be a cinch. Seriously. It’ll take me like two searches with it to close this case. Three if mid-investigation I check on my torrents.

Y-You’re a player of the 2020 Interactive Fiction competition. I’m Jay. Let’s straddle the edge.

Detective • Two hours • Parser-based • TADS (See guide)

Available through Steam for Windows, Linux and Mac OS through Steam.

“All in all, a fun and polished story that turned out different from what it first seemed.” — Anssi, forum

Jay Schilling’s Edge of Chaos is consistently delightful from beginning to end. — deathbytroggles, IFDB














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