A Crimson Spring
March 9th, 2012 by Ice Cream Jonsey

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Red Cloud meant more to me than anyone else on the face of the planet. She was my partner — a caring, sensitive soul who carried herself with a quiet confidence. She was a joy to be close to, and I fell for her the moment she walked into my life.

We moved to Manhattan to make more of a difference. I find it cruelly hysterical that this woman that I loved so dearly — who came to this country simply to find God — ended up in the most godless, sadistic and criminally superstitious city in the world… mostly because this city killed her two nights ago. Sometime between one and three in the morning on March 26th, 2015.

Two nights ago, Red Cloud went out on her own and never came back. She was found in the morning by a couple of kids who phoned 911. Her face had been blown away with a shotgun blast. Her body was covered in cuts and bite marks. Traces of saliva, semen and feces were found in every possible orifice that remained.

She was the only thing I cared for in this world and she was brutally taken from me. Nobody knows why. I’m going to find out if it takes ripping this filthy cesspool of a city apart, brick by stinking brick.

I am a masked vigilante who attempts to fight this senseless violence every night of my life. I am the Holy Avenger.

“What it is, though, is an incredibly atmospheric, fun superhero IF game that is chock full of as much multimedia extravaganza as the interpreter HUGO allows.” — Home of the Underdogs

“The atmosphere and general feel are spot-on, evoking memories of those dusty old X-men comics I have lying around the attic somewhere, though considerably darker.” — Craxton

“As long as Robb digs writing these things, I will dig playing them.” — Ben Parrish

“Hey, Rob, why not try writing a normal game that is not so offensive next time?” — Tony Baechler

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