Cryptozookeeper and Jay Schilling’s Edge of Chaos on sale at Steam
Jul 1st, 2023 by Ice Cream Jonsey

Just in case you had always wanted to buy them but have not done so, they are part of this year’s Steam Summer Sale.

Some dickhead negatized Cryptozookeeper over there in the reviews because I didn’t have a version written and ready to go in Chinese, so if you’d like to help out your good buddy ICJ and dropped a review there you would go a long way towards repairing Sino-Jolt Country global relations.

Cryptozookeeper IndieGala bundle
Jan 13th, 2019 by Ice Cream Jonsey

If you’d like to pick up Cryptozookeeper for Steam for a low price, you can get it through this IndieGala bundle for 12 more hours. Thanks for reading:

Cryptozookeeper is on Steam
Jul 16th, 2018 by Ice Cream Jonsey

Cryptozookeeper, my 2011 graphical text adventure, is now available on Steam. The Windows version is up now, the Mac and Linux versions will be there as soon as I figure out how to use Valve’s interface to get different versions up. Enjoy!

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