The Good Bits (July, 2023)
Jul 15th, 2023 by Ice Cream Jonsey

Linking to things I wrote this month:

I bought a Tank Mouse. I like it. I’m reading that it burns through AAA batteries quickly. I DO like it. I haven’t used a mouse regularly for probably 2 decades, but I am using this for work. I really wish that it either just had a USB cord or had a rechargable unit crammed in somehow. I can see that the creator is having people yell at him online because of shipping (why is shipping through Kickstarter such a disaster? Why doesn’t Kickstarter do something to help?) and then also the virtual scroll wheel and battery life. All encouraging him to get right out there and design more hardware, I am sure. So I feel for him. And I do like mine. I may get some rechargeable AAA batteries if I keep using it.

UPDATE: Yes, I will need some rechargable batteries.

* * *

I am getting games running again on my PCjr. This time, Touchdown Football and Spy Hunter. The PCjr was in a unique situation. Every game made before 1984 should, in theory, be able to be made to work for one with 640KB of RAM.

* * *

Having tried and failed to get Nethack working on a PCjr, I am stuck with the requirement command set term=ibmpc – everything I read about Nethack 2.3e says that it is necessary, but when I literally type that, I am told – by Nethack 2.3e – that the term is invalid. I’m only going off what the instructions say, devteam! So I dunno. If anyone out there knows the problem, please hit me up.

* * *

I am on Mastodon, which I like a lot, at
I am on BlueSky at “”. I don’t know if it’s web accessible? I haven’t found a way to read it over a desktop site and they certainly aren’t going out of their way to tell anyone.

* * *

Another thread for the forum, I am trying to link to the best comedy sketches I can remember from various sketch troupes. It’s always been a fascination of mine, and well, here we go.

Cryptozookeeper and Jay Schilling’s Edge of Chaos on sale at Steam
Jul 1st, 2023 by Ice Cream Jonsey

Just in case you had always wanted to buy them but have not done so, they are part of this year’s Steam Summer Sale.

Some dickhead negatized Cryptozookeeper over there in the reviews because I didn’t have a version written and ready to go in Chinese, so if you’d like to help out your good buddy ICJ and dropped a review there you would go a long way towards repairing Sino-Jolt Country global relations.

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