Pinback And The Star Lords Alpha
Nov 2nd, 2012 by Pinback

You want to LORD over the stars! You always have! But you’ve grown up now, had a few kids, cleaned up more than your share of dog diarrhea off the couch, and you’re not sure you have it in you anymore. Maybe you’re not the "type" to lord over stars anymore. Maybe that’s for the youngsters anymore. The young bucks.

Well, what if the stars looked like THIS:

Yeah! YEAH! You’re ready to fucking LORD OVER SOME STARS NOW ain’t ya?

Of course you are, which is why I am happy to let you all know about the upcoming SPACE 4X GAME: STAR LORDS!!! I will be "championing" this game here, because I believe it will be the one space 4x game we’ve always wanted.

It is in early alpha now, but already it is showing signs of being the "chosen one". I mean, Christ! You wanna lord over some stars??

During your 4X-ing, you will of course come across other alien cultures, the exact same way you have since the genre was invented! Look, I am not saying this is going to break any ground here! I am just saying it’s going to take you back to when 4X was fun, and look great while doing it! Look! These alien cultures are about to go to war, because, you know, that’s what they do!

And unlike many recent space 4X offerings, when they go to war, you don’t just get a pretty "combat resolution" screen. You go to FUCKING BATTLE!!! In a TACTICAL BATTLE MAP!!! One… one simple word comes to mind here:

Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted? Since MOO, I mean? Of course it is. And that is why you should PRE-ORDER THE GAME for $20! Like I said, it’s in early alpha, some of the features are currently a little sketchy, and the user interface, while functional, how can I say it politely, "kinda blows wombat ass":

But that doesn’t matter. That’ll get fixed in time.

And now it’s YOUR time, to feel young, as when the world was new!

It is YOUR time…

…to be a STAR LORD.

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