My 10 Favorite Albums of Whatever This Decade Is Called
Nov 17th, 2009 by Ice Cream Jonsey

Unlike the video game thread, I’m not going to confuse “favorite” with “best.” Although, reading most all-time lists for video games, they seem thrown together by stupid retards, so I felt totally justified at writing the authoritative list there. It’s likely that nobody will listen to a single quarter note from the albums listed below, but I don’t care.  (For our purposes here, the decade goes from from 2000 to 2009. I know there was no year “zero,” but there was, strictly speaking, no year “one” either, while people were living it. With bulletproof logic like that, I’m sure men of science and passion everywhere can’t wait to expand this entry and get with the shitty pop tunes.)

I’ll try to link to a Youtube vid of my favorite song from each disc. I know that record companies are shutting down loads of vids, but still – I’m choosing Youtube because, of the ten or twelve bit-rotten ways to link to music over the Internet, this way actually seems to be less likely to give us a situation where it turns out that we all built this geocity on rock n’ roll. Additionally, trying to get two straight blank lines in WordPress makes me want to shoot my computer with a chaingun. So, sorry about that.  Here we go!

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Atlanta’s Got The Hands Team Out
Nov 4th, 2009 by Ice Cream Jonsey

This was not called offensive pass interference last night.

Now look – the teams involved don’t matter. I’m not bitching about the call here. The fact that my team was involved in it doesn’t matter, it’s just the call I remember most from the last few weeks. But CHRIST is the officiating terrible in the NFL this year.

There’s another picture floating around of Darren Sharper clearly losing the ball before scoring a touchdown, with a ref staring right at him and getting the call incorrect. It’s so abysmal, it’s a little worrying.

The first round of the draft is going to be on Thursday, or something equally stupid. Labor peace is breaking apart, and it looks like the salary cap is going away. There’s actual discussion from the commish about his plan for getting a team in London. The Bucs are fielding a squad that is something like $40 million under the salary cap. (The fact that Pinback and I spend ten minutes talking about who the five worst teams in the NFL are, and always lament not being able to include teams with zero wins or a single win is more funny than anything else. So I’m not counting that.) But it’s BAD out there now.

Baseball used to be on top and invincible, too. The World Series was just out-drawn by a regular season NFL game. The NBA was much, much bigger than it is now, and it’s pretty much certain that they’ve fixed the outcome of games to best get the match-up in the finals they wanted, so fuck the NBA. I love watching football, but my prediction is that it’s got this season and next before it’s forever ruined. We’re well on the way.

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