January 9th, 2013 by Ice Cream Jonsey

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In an alternate future, the backbone of the Gank, Colorado hackerspace wake to find the Internet out. Completely. Rather than sit around and wait for it to be restored, they decide to enter the streets of Gank and break as many heads as possible until they can turn it back on.

Cyberganked is an upcoming character role-playing game (CRPG) with a bit of a text adventure to it. The graphics use the same palette as the Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) did for the IBM PC/PCjr. Cyberganked has a cyberpunk or splatterpunk vibe to it. If you enjoyed Bard’s Tale, Might & Magic and Wasteland, I think you’ll like Cyberganked.

If you’d enjoy reading the blog articles I have written about development, just click here.

Have some screens!

If you would like to be contacted when Cyberganked is released (as well as get the very, very occasional update as to exciting developments in the game’s progress) just fill out this form. Thanks!

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