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August 9th , 2007 - Ben
This (Planetfall) seems a reasonable candidate for an RFTK.

July 12th , 2007 - Robb
I spent the last two years writing up reviews of the Top 100 games of all-time on my BBS. Several text games made the list, including (not in order) Fail-safe, Zork, Knight Orc, Photopia, I-0, Spider and Web, Spellcasting 101, Guild of Thieves, A Mind Forever Voyaging, the Lurking Horror, Suspended and the Circuit's Edge. Our good friend hygraed put together an image map of the posts so you can go directly to a review. More text-game specific stuff coming soon.

May 8th , 2007 - Robb
Hey, you know what, I don't appreciate being called out on this blog posting, over at So in this case, Dementia Retorts

April 23rd, 2007 - Robb
Another guest review! This time, we are happy to host Emily Short's review of the AIF game called Ron Weasley and the Quest for Hermione.

March 3rd , 2007 - Robb
Draal Ranger wrote a review of Pantomime, a game I wrote. There is probably some huge conflict of interest somewhere, but I think the Internet will survive. Read Draal's review here.

January 21st, 2007 - Robb
Ben has been playing some shareware games lately. They are not text adventures, but one of the things we'd like the site to be about in the future is indie games as well as regular text ones. Clicking here makes everything clear.

January 2nd, 2007 - Robb
Baby, I've changed. We can make it work. OK, I don't know if I still dig the style the reviews are in, but that's a story for a different time. I reviewed Narcolepsy by Adam Cadre and put the file right here.


"Blather is such a trotting krip!!!" -- Steve Meretzky, Planetfall

Welcome to our site! Here you may find interactive fiction (also known as text adventures) game reviews written by the three depraved fellows that run this site, as well as submitted reviews sent in by readers infinitely more relaxed. If you haven't a clue as to what this "interactive fiction" business is, feel free to check out the newbie guide page in order to gain a feel for the kind of games reviewed upon this site. Although, even if it still makes no sense or fills you with a kind of dreadful fear that this might be the sandbox of a bunch of spastic geeks, fear not! It is our intention to provide the funny upon these pages even if you have no intention of ever, ever playing a game without graphics.

Appropriately enough, this page of IF reviews is, well, interactive. If you feel a particular reviewer has slagged a game you cherish,  lionized a ware that caused you to convulse and start selling buicks, or just plain feel the reviewer has overstepped the bounds of good taste and decency through mounds of gratuitous 'prophanity', you can leave your comment on the review itself and have it posted on the very page that offends you.


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