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Post by Flack » Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:12 pm

Wednesday, 5pm
My wife drove our Avalanche to work and said on the way home it felt like the transmission was slipping when changing gears. There's a Chevy dealership 5 miles from my house, so we called and they said they had an opening at 7am, Thursday morning.

Thursday, 7am
I drive the Avalanche over to the service center and indeed, it feels like it's slipping when changing gears. The service tech asks me a bunch of questions and I say, "it feels like the transmission is slipping when changing gears." He tells me they'll look at it.

Thursday, 6pm
Wife calls the service center to check on the status of the truck. They say they didn't get around to it today. Maybe tomorrow. Seems odd we had to rush it over at 7am.

Friday, 10am
I miss a call from the service manager on my cell and call him back. He tells me 5 times in 5 minutes that it's his day off. I tell him 5 times, I'm just calling him back on the phone he just called me from. He says his technician drove the truck around and couldn't duplicate the problem. (This seems unbelievable.) He then says he'll need to do a service diagnostic check which costs $144 to find the problem. I say go ahead.

Friday, 2pm
I google "transmission slipping" and every link says, "did you check the transmission fluid?" I kick myself, and hope that's all it is.

Friday, 6:20pm
I get a text message informing me that the Avalanche is ready for pickup. No further information.

Friday, 7:10pm
We arrive at the dealership and learn that the service department closes at 7pm. There is nobody around to take our payment. Our truck is sitting right there but taking it feels like grand theft auto, so we leave it.

Saturday, 8am
We arrive bright and early to pick up the truck. Lady at the counter asks if we have any questions. Yeah, I do. What was the problem? Did they fix it? Lady says she doesn't know anything except what's on the ticket, which is that they couldn't find a problem. $144, please. We pay, but aren't pleased. We drive the truck home and there's no problem. Whatever was happening isn't happening now.

Saturday, 9:15am
Service manager calls my cell phone, tells me his technician just drove the truck and couldn't find an issue. He says the truck is ready for pickup, he'll just need a few minutes to drive it around and wash it. I tell him I picked the truck up over an hour ago. There's some awkward silence before I hang up.

Saturday, 11am
It dawns on me, I probably just paid $144 for some transmission fluid.

Saturday, Noon
The service department sends me a survey to ask how my experience was.
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Re: Transmission

Post by AArdvark » Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:23 pm

Maybe they will tell you they added transmission fliud and send you a check for 100.0 dollars in overpayment.


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