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danzaland wrote:Voting is not useless. Yeah the top position we really have no effect upon, but at the local level is where it is at. This is what the Forefathers saw and told us to do. There was a time where the Federal Gov't answered to the State.

As far as the presidency is concerned BUSH AND KERRY ARE THE SAME THING. We will still have a draft next year, the patriot act will still exist. The steps we have been taking toward a Police State will not be changed.

For Christ sake we may not even make it to the election with out some sort of problem. I expect Bin Laden to be rolled out to make Bush look good. That is if the next article doesn't happen.....

From Prisonplanet.tv
Sorting out the Mixed Signals about Terror and the Election

Ben Aiken | July 22 2004

The coming months are the most dangerous and unpredictable time the country has faced since 9/11. During this brief window of time, the New World Order will make crucial decisions about how to proceed, and then carry out their plan. They have several options that are publicly in play, and likely a few that are not. Unfortunately, another terrorist attack, larger than 9/11, likely involving chemical or biological weapons or a “dirty bomb”, appears imminent. The wrinkle, though, is the Presidential Election on November 2nd.

A terrorist attack before the Election would be intended to keep Bush in office for another 4 years. The Bush staff has done focus groups that show the backlash seen in Spain would not happen here. They calculate that the sheep will once again rally to their commander-and-chief and question nothing just as they have before. It wasn’t much of a surprise when the White House told US News and World Report that their “working premise” was that there “will” be an attack before the election. That’s a nice working premise for a campaign staff: that the candidate will have a 90% approval rating heading into the final days.

So it was kind of odd when Tom Ridge held a press conference and announced that in addition to wanting to kill thousands of us, the terrorists also want to disrupt our democratic process. Why would the terrorists want to cancel the election if they were poised to win it? Not to mention that the “voting” will be done on Diebold touch-screen paperless voting machines that are designed for fraud. It’s curious that the Bush Syndicate would be nervous about such a rigged event, but it would seem from Ridge’s press conference that they are. Maybe it’s because the fix is in, but not for them.

Many in the media made the connection between the naming of John Edwards as Vice President and the Ridge announcement, seeing it as the Bush political team trying to clamp down on Kerry’s bump in the polls. The two do seem to be connected when you consider that Edwards was given the seal of approval from the Bilderberg Group shortly before his being picked, according to the New York Times. In addition to spending time vetting John Edwards and skewering Howard Dean in the media, the Bilderberg founders have pumped millions into Kerry’s campaign, much of it through George Soros, whose rumored connections to the House of Rothschild have shadowed his near psychic moves in the currency market. Kerry’s being a member of Skull and Bones and more closely related to European royalty than Bush make him a prime candidate to be anointed by the elite. He would be free of the baggage Bush has accrued by implementing so much of the agenda so fast. And a clean slate might be necessary to implement the next steps, like activating the military inside the country. Kerry might also have an easier time passing into law the remainder of the total control grid, which must be in place before the credit bubble bursts and the elite are forced to move forward with the implosion of the economy. In fact, one of Kerry’s main campaign platforms is the creation of a new domestic intelligence agency with mammoth funding and power.
If Kerry is chosen, then the terrorist attack will likely occur shortly into his presidency. If a foreign enemy is chosen, he could launch a new war. But the possibility shouldn’t be excluded that, like Clinton, he may choose a domestic enemy like the “anti-government”, the “far-right”, or maybe even the “conspiracy theorist”. Kerry has been groomed his entire life by the elite to possibly be President, and he is clearly ready to go along with whatever the plan may be.

The Bush Syndicate would like the attack to happen before the election, so they can stay in the White House a little while longer. But the Bilderberg group is above the Bushes and the Military-Industrial Complex in the power command structure which runs the world, and it appears they might have chosen Kerry. However, who controls the machinery of terrorism? Clearly, it is the Bushes and their sponsors in the Defense Industry and within the military and CIA. Would they stand down until after the election if the elite ordered them to? The Bushes have always been loyal servants of the New World Order going back decades, but would they stand by while they were discarded for the second time? It’s hard to imagine that they would go against the wishes of the Bilderberg group, and yet publicly now they are floating a trial balloon about canceling the election. Several news reports have claimed Bush is going nuts, throwing furniture, cursing people, and saying he is doing God’s will, all of which is certainly believable. It’s reminiscent of Nixon’s final months before he was forced to resign when he was binge drinking and threatening to nuke Congress. There is a possibility Bush has already been cut loose, and knows it. This would make the Bush Syndicate very dangerous and unpredictable. These guys don’t like to give up the big chair, and they aren’t very risk-averse. Could they make a bold move and force the elite’s hand? Only time will tell, but whatever these criminals end up doing, it won’t be good.
Did you mean THIS election for all that stuff that never happend?
the last group complained, quite tellingly They said, "Why don't you have a spoon that just says 'Earth?' It would save time

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