News of the World (2020)

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News of the World (2020)

Post by Flack »

After the end of the Civil War, Captain Jefferson Kidd (Tom Hanks) makes his living by traveling from town to town, sharing the latest news from newspapers. While traveling between towns, Kidd stumbles across a young girl living in the woods. The girl has been orphaned not once, but twice; the child has blue eyes and blonde hair, but is dressed in Native American clothes. The black man who was hired to return her to her home swings from a noose nearby.

Kidd takes the girl against her will to a nearby Union checkpoint in hopes that they will arrange transport, but the man in charge of such things is gone for three months. Kidd attempts to leave the girl with friends, but she is too much for them. Reluctantly, Kidd agrees to travel south through Texas to return the girl to her extended German family, which Johanna has no memory of.

It is easy to compare Hanks' Captain Kidd with similar characters he has portrayed, specifically Captain Miller from Saving Private Ryan. As in that film, here once again Hanks is on a mission to help someone else, only to discover things about himself along the way. Multiple times in News of the World, Kidd encounters conflict in the deep south that threaten the pair's lives. The lawless south, after the Civil War, was not an easy place to live. Death is ugly and swift. Bring bullets.

As Kidd moves crosses dangerous lands, it is obvious that his journey to find her home -- and later his home -- is also a metaphor. Sometimes two people who don't know where they're headed are better than one.
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Re: News of the World (2020)

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I’ve been interested in this movie because for some reason I liked him as old man Hanks since the Scully movie. Did you enjoy this movie? You do make the story sound interesting but perhaps there are too many cliches going on?

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