The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee (2020)

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The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee (2020)

Post by Flack »

In The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee, Paul Hogan plays a fictionalized version of himself, Paul Hogan. Paul Hogan in the film is a low-maintenance, laid back guy who has retired from the business and just wants to enjoy life, while his agent insists on finding opportunities for him.

Ostensibly, I guess, the plot of the film begins when Hogan's presence is requested by the Queen of England, who wants to meet Hogan because Crocodile Dundee is her majesty's favorite movie. Unfortunately for him, Hogan is a hapless dipshit who soils his chances at every turn. While trying to remove a poisonous snake from a park, Hogan flips it onto a nearby school teacher. He is labeled racist not once but twice -- once for turning down a film offer to have Will Smith play his son in the next Crocodile Dundee film, and again when he mistakenly attends a BET award show instead of a benefit for orphans, and tells the BET hosts he's just come to "help all those little, helpless people." A few minutes later, he throws a drinking bottle and knocks out a nun.

Paul Hogan -- I'm assuming the real one -- wants viewers to know he hangs out with famous people. Reginald "Die Hard" VelJohnson (aka Family Matters) is his best friend. He has dinner with Chevy Chase. John Clese is his Uber driver. Wayne "Hello, Newman" Knight drops by to crash at his pad. Olivia Newton John recognizes him and tries to set him up on a double date. Who can blame him? If I wrote a movie about me starring me, I'd have a bunch of famous friends, too.

I don't know what the point of this movie is and now I'm not even sure I watched it. It almost feels like a cough-syrup induced hallucination. The movie ends with Hogan attending a movie premiere of a movie about himself that we never saw being made, and that the studio execs seem surprised to see. Maybe I ate some bad meat at lunch or something. The movie ends with Hogan moving back to Australia and skipping out on meeting the queen. He sends his ex-agent in his place, who got fired because of all of Hogan's antics. I think you could watch this movie 20 times and not understand it. I wish I hadn't watched it once.
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Re: The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee (2020)

Post by Jizaboz »

Flack wrote: Thu Dec 17, 2020 2:44 pm I don't know what the point of this movie is and now I'm not even sure I watched it. It almost feels like a cough-syrup induced hallucination.
A feeling I am not totally unfamiliar with.

I always looked up to Paul Hogan as a kid. I remember that was the first movie I ever saw in a "Cinema-pub" joint. Loved his endorsement for "My Subaru Outback, mate." because that was a solid vehicle. Since then, I have sort of avoided news of what is going on with him since a previous money problem.

Also, kudos to him for saying fuck working with Will Smith. I like Will Smith in some roles.. but that setup just sounds stupid on the level of token black dude meets token Aussie white dude.

Also, pretty sure Chevy Chase is the bigger asshole here in the grand scheme of things.

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