Flatspace Reviewed by Ben and Robb

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Flatspace Reviewed by Ben and Robb

Post by Ice Cream Jonsey » Mon Aug 20, 2007 6:29 pm


BenMustard: I was disappointed last night to find that Evochron Alliance does not enforce "death = death", and that you are in fact encouraged to save often. But then the more I thought about it, the more I thought "bleah, I don't feel like starting this whole goddamn thing over", and now I'm sort of "changing my tune" on the whole "death = death" thing, not to mention the whole "putting stuff in quotation marks" thing.
IceCreamJonsey: Agreed!
BenMustard: I think if you're going to do a death=death game, you have to make it way harder to just randomly die.
BenMustard: NetHack, Flatspace, etc, all these games are way too easy to randomly die in.
IceCreamJonsey: Seriously
IceCreamJonsey: Flatspace was horrible with that
IceCreamJonsey: 90% of Flatspace is really good.
IceCreamJonsey: Nethack, well, you know what you are getting yourself into.
BenMustard: "Welcome to Flatspace! You are a trader in the universe of Sc---DEATH!!!"
IceCreamJonsey: But space trader is the only genre I --- ahahhaa
IceCreamJonsey: aaaahha
BenMustard: "Welcome to Flatspace! You are a DEATH!!!!!!"
BenMustard: "Welco DEATH!!!"
IceCreamJonsey: Click to downlo-- DEATH
IceCreamJonsey: http://lostinflat--DEATH
BenMustard: "Windows is starDEATH!!!!"
IceCreamJonsey: hahah
IceCreamJonsey: AWARD BIOS (c) 200-- DEATH!!!!!
BenMustard: (power light)DEATH!!!!
IceCreamJonsey: ... huh That's going to be a tough one to top.
IceCreamJonsey: Ooh
IceCreamJonsey: "I'm just going to put the last screw into the power supply and then my custom PC wi-- DEATH!!!
IceCreamJonsey: Yeah, I can't top it
BenMustard: Doctor: "It's a bouncing baby gi--DEATH!!!!!!!"
IceCreamJonsey: In the beginning God created the heaven and th--- DEATH!!!!!!!!!
BenMustard: "1. In the beginnin

BenMustard: oh dude
BenMustard: motherfucker
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