Thrust for DOS. Uncovered. Released. Running.

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Thrust for DOS. Uncovered. Released. Running.

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This is the article!
Thrust was a brilliant budget title from the mind of the late Jeremy Smith back in 1986, developed first for the BBC Micro (released via Superior Software), then converted to a large number of platforms by Firebird Software to great acclaim from all magazines.
The game was uncovered, as the blog post describes, and a download link for Thrust was included. If you'd like to read more about the game, please do so here.

I fired it up and played it successfully on a PCjr. Am I the first person in history to play this newly uncovered, 35 year old game game on a PCjr? Maybe? Who knows? It was released in 1986. I'd like to think that a PCjr would have been involved in testing, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of info saying one way or the other.

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Re: Thrust for DOS. Uncovered. Released. Running.

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That looks like a brilliant old Brit game!
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