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GRINDLEGUTS (the protagonist)

(all the antagonists)

(the finest video game novel ever)

THE REVIEW (this explains why this game is so special)

THE MAP (getting around 'Is countryside)

THE GAME (download the IBM version ) (Or download the Amiga ADF here, with a blank ADF disk to save here)

THE SOLUTION (get past the effing troll)

LEVEL 9 (a little something about the designer by Richard Hewison, and you may also enjoy what Jimmy Maher has written as the Digital Antiquariana>.)

"Grindleguts struggled awake, groaning piteously. The world bucked and swayed, his headache was agony and he ached in every limb. Grindleguts' mouth tasted like a Hobbit's armpit and he seemed to have lost another tooth -- he could not quite remember what had happened after they captured the Inn, yesternight, but he was sure it must have been fun! He moaned again and prepared to wallow in his hangover.

A sharp object stabbed at Grindleguts' ribs again, interrupting his enjoyment of his misery. Grindleguts risked ungluing one bloodshot eye and squinted at the world. A shaft of sunlight stabbed back. It was still light. It was very light! Some idiot had woken him in the middle of the day!"


And so begins the 1987 masterpiece known as Knight Orc, from Level 9 Computing.


The finest text adventure of its era. A pinnacle of immersive text, devilish puzzles and morally horrible and repugnant characters.

Knight Orc gave a voice to a cruel and woefully unattractive orc named Grindleguts. Abandoned by his mates after a night of extreme alcoholic consumption, Grindleguts is left tied to a horse, en route to jousting a human knight -- a Contest of Champions. However, his buddies have skipped out during the middle of the night setting him up as the patsy.

It is here where the player controls the orc and helps him on his initial quest of building a rope to cross the river (the orcs had destroyed the bridge during their escape) and his ultimate goal of revenge against his tormentors.