The Good Bits, November 2023
November 15th, 2023 by Ice Cream Jonsey

I am really happy to state that there is a new book on video game horror, published by Bitmap Books. There’s a section on my game Necrotic Drift, I am also happy to say. I’m learning a lot about spooky video games throughout gaming history. It’s called From Ants to Zombies: Six Decades of Video Game Horror. Check it out here!

I’m gonna inline a little sample picture from their store here:

* * *

On November 1st there was an online Google Hangout for IBM PCjr enthusiasts, as it was the 40th birthday of my first and favorite computer, the PCjr. I have been posting about it a lot on my forum and on Mastodon and really I do genuinely love it but I just have so much nostalgia for the Jr as it was the first computer our family ever had. My dad bought it for us for Christmas in 1984 or 1985. It was great to connect with McMartin and just getting a chance to hear about everyone’s experiences and projects was so much fun. My father really changed my life when he got us this thing and it brings me a lot of delight to have one in my office.

UPDATE! My PCjr’s monitor fell and no longer works. Arrrgh!

* * *

My two favorite managers / head coaches in sports are, of course, the two guys that delivered championships to my teams: Cito Gaston, who did so twice with the Blue Jays and Sean Payton, who did so with the New Orleans Saints.

Payton is universally reviled online. I love him. He beat the shit out of the rest of the NFL for 16 years and we were doormats before him and unwatchable after. It’s simply a different experience when you have a good coach and quarterback. A lot of fans get righteous about the “bounty” program that was apparently in play, but 1. Goodell didn’t prove anything 2. It later came out that many other teams had one and 3. The entire concept is stupid; guys at this level are going to play harder for $100? Really? But what do I know. Favre played another year after the 2009 NFC Championship game, so I guess he wasn’t banged up that badly. Even on Saints forums, because Payton “only” gave us 16 years and apparently didn’t die face up in the French Quarter, I see irritating Saints fans disparage our previous coach.

On the other hand, Cito Gaston is by all accounts a decent person, a good man and he was an effective manager. He won back to back championships in 1992 and 1993, was the first African American to manage a team to a World Series victory and only ever got another shot at managing with the Blue Jays for a second time for some reason. In the years between his stints I would say there were at least 15 teams each and every season (including the Blue Jays) that could have used him, but what do I know.

Gaston is on a hall of fame ballot and he’s the second guy I’ve ever seen Bill James, who I think the world of, HOOWWWWL with incredulousness at the thought of him getting into the hall of fame, the other being Thurman Munson. I don’t see why a manager with two World Series victories is all that crazy to debate. He went to the post-season 4 times and would have gone twice more if six teams went like they do now. He had a lot of good players but a lot of managers had a lot of good players. I don’t think Jose Bautista becomes an MVP candidate without Gaston’s help. What I do see, every time Gaston’s name is mentioned online, is some middle-aged guy from Baltimore screaming like a banshee because his name was simply mentioned. I’ll explain.

In 1993, the All-Star game was in Baltimore. As Gaston won the World Series the year before, he was the manager of the American League team. He told Baltimore Oriole player Mike Mussina that he would not be playing in the game (because of his age; Cito wanted to be sure to get the older players in… he told the same thing to his own young pitcher that was present, Pat Hentgen) but Mussina decided on his own to warm up in the 9th inning.

That’s the entire incident.

I get that it might be disappointing to not see a hometown player there, but it was THIRTY GOD DAMN YEARS AGO. It really makes me not take online criticism for any manager or coach seriously because you can be totally hated (Payton) and literally never do anything wrong in your life (Gaston) and there’s a contingent of sports fans that hate you anyway. But what do I know.

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