The Good Bits, January 2024
Jan 15th, 2024 by Ice Cream Jonsey

I had to drop $1100 on new tires at the Big O Tire on Colfax and when I got my car, the speaker in the back of my truck was upside down and disconnected. $1100 just doesn’t go as far as it used to. BUT! My wife took a flat tire on our old Jeep to one closer to home and they fixed it for no charge. I declare the day even.

* * *

Baseball! Baseball. This … whatever this is from last month was weird to me.

The Blue Jays played in 3 parks in 2021 and people are quick to attribute the great season of Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. to it. But come on, it doesn’t make sense that it just benefitted one guy. I hear that he only played well due to the minor league parks a lot, though.

Robbie Ray, a starting pitcher, won the AL Cy Young award that year. I guarantee you that we’ll never hear that it was one of the greatest pitching performances in baseball history. These two smaller parks won’t skew his season positively as we look at it historically, like this narrative tries to do for Vlad Jr. negatively.

* * *

I reviewed a few games this month on my BBS.

Elevator Action Returns. (Baaaarely positive.)

Slain: Back to Hell (Quite positive.)

Legend of Amberland II (Quite positive.)

Bully (Laughably and extremely negative.)

Baldur’s Gate III (It’s so big I’ll never finish it and never be able to write completed thoughts on it, but I am starting to enjoy it after 8 hours in the same way I did for Baldur’s Gate II. My memory is that BG2 was almost instant fun, whereas BG3 takes time to get to the same spot.)

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