Triple Play 2001 / EA Sports (2000)

Review by Michael Sherwin

The Little Ugly, Evil Guy On My Shoulder's Verdict: It sucks, etc.

The Little Handsome, Good Guy On My Shoulder's Verdict: It's awful.

My Verdict: Get me some heads on a pike for this monstrosity.

Game Information

Game Type: Their same crappy engine

Author Info: EA Sports

Other Games By This Author: NHL 9x, NBA Live 9x, Madden 9x

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The Review...

Remember when your were younger and you got your Sega / Super Nintendo and played NHL 92, Madden 92 or whatever. You were like Holy Shit!! What great fucking games. 'Specially after those shitty previous attempts to simulate sport games (except Tecmo Bowl). EA Sports really was a super company. Then with the arrival of Madden to the PC things have gone progressively worse.Hence the background to my Triple Play 2001 review.

First Hello - 2001, why not just make it 2008 Triple Play, I've played two seasons of 81, and 162 games and it's still 2000 baseball season in real life and it's still 2000 on my calendar. Nice title dicks.

But first, the positives of this game. Fantastic stadiums; they always look great. Addition of all-time greats, okay nice, they actually look pretty good and perform well. The announcers are almost bearable this year. Player animations are neat. Walking to first like a king after a home run, Pedro pumping his fists after a K look great and entertaining. That is it. Now here's what sucks....

Stat tracking. Henderson's leading off for my team. Well guess what I actually got up to 127 stolen bases with him.  When I stole 128 nothing. It stopped there. This game I dropped 45 bucks for can't comprehend a player reaching 128 stolen bases-plus. Amazing. Now get this: not only do you have to press a button to run faster at all times, you have to press a button to slide. 'Well that keeps you involved, right' you may ask??? No! It's about 40% your guy actually slides. The window of opportunity for sliding is equal to the time EA spent beta testing this game, or .5 a second. Doubles are extremely rare so in the case of actually hitting a gap in the outfield and you actually do try to get to second. Six out of ten times you don't slide and get easily tagged out. Three out of ten times a fast guy like Kenny Lofton gets tagged out because every outfielder has a cannon once again. Want to score? Just wait for a fastball down the middle, press power swing and up -- gone. You score. Want to make a diving catch? Let the ball get hit right at you and dive. When you dive you stay in the exact spot you were and fall down. In Bases Fucking Loaded 2 you could dive and actually improve your chances of catching a ball, here you can't. Franchise multi-season mode - nope. Sorry Tennessee...

Added features? This rippingly gay home run and hitting contests that are as fun as whacking off. Yes you're getting a home run / orgasm but its really not fun or challenging.

Summary- With all the resources, licensing and money this company has they continue to put out stinkers like this. The game is buggy, has no sense of accomplishment besides winning points for goofy features like big heads and the ability to buy players (like Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth or Satchel Page) that will improve your already   jacked team. T