Game Review Submissions

Suggested Guidelines:

  • Don't forget to include all pertinent information relating to the game you are reviewing(date of release, title, author's name, code base, etc).

  • Use proper grammar - at least to the best of your ability(you couldn't do any better than that, anyway, could you?). People will actually understand you better if you do. That is, after all, the whole purpose of grammar in the first place.

  • Have fun. You're not on trial here, and your reviewing style is not going to be criticized if you have something worthwhile to say. You're writing a review of game that's played for entertainment, so your review should also be entertaining. Joke around. Be serious. Do what you want, just write up a good review.

  • Include a rating of some sort.

  • Stick to Interactive Fiction(duh). That's what this site covers.
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