Darknite / Anonymous (1991)

The Bastion of Wit Who Named All The Clever Subtitles For Those Leisure Suit Larry Games' Verdict: Darknite or Dark-knight? It works both ways! LOL!

The Anonymous Guy Who Did That BASIC Alien's Verdict: This wasn't me. I had style and grace.

My Verdict: Will they allow anything on the GMD archive? Where are the standards?


Game Information

Game Type: DOS

Author Info: This author is anonymous.

Other Games By This Author: None known.

Download Link: ftp://ftp.ifarchive.org/if-archive/games/pc/darknite.zip


The Review...


I couldn't go north. I couldn't go south. I couldn't go west. I couldn't go east. I couldn't go up. I couldn't go down. I couldn't go northeast. I couldn't go southwest. I couldn't go northwest. I couldn't go northeast. I couldn't 'look' at the shrubbery. I couldn't find the key. I couldn't open the gate. I couldn't look at 'myself.'

So, when I finally decided to stop playing -- after bruising my hand through repeatedily slamming it into my keyboard out of pure, red,   frustration -- I couldn't wait to delete it off my hard drive.

And that, well, I could do.


Simple Rating:  0.3 / 10

Complicated Rating:

Story: 0 / 10

Writing: 0.5 / 10 (there is some "intro" text. It exists, so no "zero" for this one)

Playability: 0 / 10 (look, I'm bad at these things, true, but this one I refuse to take responsibility for)

Puzzle Quality: NA (figuring out how to LOOK AT a shrub does not make anyone's "Fun Time" list for implemented puzzles)

Parser Responsiveness: 0 / 10


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