Christian Text Adventure # 1 / Bob Nance (1986)


Lucifer's Verdict: Not my style, but I'm more prone to playing Sim Ant and Enduro. vroom vroom! whee!

My Verdict: I wanted to hate this game. But I just couldn't.

The Review...

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Christian Text Adventure may have been an absolutely solid adventure game that taught some essential, moral principle involving a bible and a sword but I couldn't get past the first freaking door. I mean, Holy Shit. Y'know?


Simple Rating: 3.5 / 10

Complicated Rating:

Story: 6.5 / 10

Writing: 6.0 / 10

Playability: 0 / 10

Puzzle Quality: 0 / 10

Parser Responsiveness: 3 / 10

Reader Remarks

Ben sprach the following on November 14th, 1999

So?  Care to re-evaluate?

I just noticed a very funny part of this review, which is that the "Story" got a rating of "6.5".  As far as I can tell, the only story the reviewer experienced was "guy standing around in room."  If this rates a 6.5, then maybe Cadre has a point.

Bryan sprach the following on November 15th, 1999

Are you telling me that the sensitive tale of a guy standing around in a room in front of an unopened door with unimaginable excitement and religious progaganda awaiting inside is not a good story? Geez, man. I get chills down my spine just thinking about it. And besides, Mizer Cadre was speaking of our reviews of comp games, not our reviews of thirteen year old AGT stand-bys.

Lou Bega sprach the following on November 15th, 1999

This game was fine, but what I'm waiting for is CHRISTIAN TEXT ADVENTURE NUMBAH FIVE! [insert catchy horn riff here].

Robb sprach the following on November 15th, 1999:

Yes, a 65% -- from what I saw, it looked like the dude had a fricking sword and a bible and was going to FUCK SHIT UP. As I had not got out of the room yet, I was left to my own devices as to what the hell was going on. 65% is the last possible percentage point one could get and still "pass" where I went to high school. I mean -- a damn ZERO for Puzzle Quality and Playability? I don't think I've ever given out two zeroes in those two things for non-experimental IF.

I will re-evaluate it and write up my post-first-room thoughts when I get some time to come back to it. I absolutely promise. CTA1 kinda lost its place in the Robby Queue, but I will *definitely* re-visit it.

I promise.

Robb sprach the following on January 11th, 2000:

Ah, Lou Bega. OK, I get it now. Very funny. I was in Canada for New Year's and Lou was doing his Mambo for people in British Columbia. Some absolute filthy whore introduced him, no doubt reveling in her fifteen seconds of infamy. She proceeded to ask the denizens assembled whether they wanted Mambo #1. Then Mambo #2. This continued until she actually reached #5 and was slightly confused as to why the general populace before her did not react with interest, excitement and froth.

Well honey, let me explain it to you. Mambo #1 -- you are a whore. Mambo #2 -- no one has any reason to be remotely interested in you while you are talking. Mambo #3 -- take it off. Mambo #4 -- by December 31st, 1999 even Lou Bega was sick of his own damn song. Mambo #5 -- you will never be heard from again and have no idea that you were slammed -- harshly -- on this smarmy little review site. Live with it.

Incidently, I totally and completely lied. I will never play CTA#1 again. I should just cut the crap. However, Ben, if you played it I think you should review it. That way all the bases are, y'know, covered and Mr. Nance could get feedback he can use.


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