Pick Up The Phone Booth And Die / Rob Noyes (1996)

E.T.'s Verdict: God, I wish I popped Drew.

Kevin Herbert's Verdict: Gremlin! Gremlin! What's this shit about New England towns? Let's go out and get killed. Clutch!

My Verdict: Has more been written about less?

The Review...

Why the hell isn't Rob Noyes writing more adventure games? No, really. I want an answer. A good one, too, involving car chases, machinegun fire and dopplegangers. More to the point: I want another damn game.

Noyes (known throughout the internet as TV's Spatch) is a funny guy. His "IF-A-Minute" site holds some of the funniest synapses of video games ever written. His game cruelly heckles the player for -- inevitably -- picking up the damn booth. He was able to make his first game neither a bug-riddled borefest or a laughably inept, forgotten waste of time.

Alright. Pick Up The Phone Booth And Die is a waste of time. But somewhat entertaining as well. It provides a viable example of how to effectively learn a new programming language.

You're not going to write Zork III your first time out, newbie. What you can implement, however, is a ridiculous, amusing concept that gets you familiar with the library, syntax and development environment. You don't have to intentionally create a stupid game that is unfunny and difficult to understand. (And then subsequently enter it into a competition!)

TV's Spatch has proven that he can make the Inform language his bitch. Demand for a longer look into his sadistic, sarcastic mind begins. Today, natch.


Simple Rating: N/A

Complicated Rating:

Story: 1 / 10

Writing: 9 / 10

Playability: 1  / 10

Puzzle Quality: 8.5 / 10

Parser Responsiveness: 8 / 10

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