Comp00ter Game / Brendan Barnwell (2000)

Jeff K.'sVerdict: YUO=FAGROT

Walter Miller's Verdict: Why can't we be freinds?

My Verdict: This game was written for me, and people like me. People who have grown to loathe the brainless net.mite


Game Information

Game Type: Inform

Other Games By This Author: Lomalow, The Big Mama

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The Review...

Alright, here's the deal -- this game was entered into the 2000 Interactive Fiction Competition, a competition where 95% of the judges have absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever. Don't believe me? How did Pass the Banana do last year? How did Comp00ter Game finish up this year? Not enough to even garner some Ass-Kicking Peanuts, that's how. Pour your heart and soul into a small comedy, prospective IF authors, but don't enter it into the freaking IF competition, unless you somehow enjoy pissing people off.

This thing is funny, though. I'm hesitant to say that it's an "in-game." Seeing how if you're reading this you have access to the internet it's just a matter of time before you meet an idiot who speaks the way that Barnwell's character does in Comp00ter Game. Like it or not (and believe me, I do not) the kiddies have invaded, set up their bases on the shore and begun shelling us. Don't believe it? Go look at the comments section on the Shugashack. Doesn't matter which news story you're looking at. By comparison, the PC in this game looks like a PhD candidate.

This thing could not have been easy to program -- aside from the fact that keeping track of your objects effectively is difficult enough in a language without an IDE, having to test code which is supposed to come off as "buggy" is some proxy version of hell I would want no part of.

It's frustrating, it's inane, it's a close-up look at a soul with nothing to offer and nothing to say... but it's also a very amusing snapshot of the type of humanoid I have learned to fully loathe. As IF is mostly about words, dialogue and textual interaction you would think that there would be more games at least trying to come off as funny. This one does so, and by simply coming around with some energy and great lines I found it more amusing than any other game entered this year. It's all about how much fun you're having as you type at the prompt. As a programmer in the 2000 Comp there were three games I could give a vote for in the Author's Tally -- this got #3.

Simple Rating: NA / 10

Complicated Rating:

Story: 0 / 10

Writing: 9 / 10

Playability: 1 / 10

Puzzle Quality: 0 / 10

Parser Responsiveness: 0 / 10


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