Amissville / Tilli Productions (2002)'s Verdict:
I heartily approve of the methods used to promote this game.
Geocities' Verdict:
Finally, some content we are worthy of hosting. .
My Verdict:
My mother weeps when I tell her how I spend my free time. She weeps..

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One cretin posting on Usenet as about a million different mentally handicapped drama queens.
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It's fucking pants.

Simple Rating
1.2 / 10

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Puzzle Quality
2 / 10

Parser Responsiveness
4 / 10


Reader Comments:

Eric M
April 15th, 2002

The game that taught me to use a killfile.

Ted Bell
April 17th, 2002

I enjoy posting comments.

April 18th, 2002

I played it for ten minutes. I want those ten minutes of my life back...I feel they were wasted.

ethyl yuter
May 29th, 2002

One of the most interesting hoaxes in the I-F commmunity since Textfire.

C. M.
May 29th, 2002

This is definitely the best work of Interactive Fiction is several years. My favorite before play Amissville was Photopia, but now I'm not sure. They're both very similar; I just can't decide between them.

A.P. Hill
May 30th, 2002

I was wondering, how would I go about suggesting to leaders of R.A.I.F. that this year should be known as 'The year of Amissville'? I think it would be appropriate to use that terminology when discussing events of 2002, like competitions and MUD Events. Something like, "...Make sure to complete your game prior to this years, The year of Amissville 2002 IF competition...." - or - "...In the Year of Amissville, we had an amazing 352 games released, way to go!..." - or - "...the deadline for speed IF for the Year of Amissville 2002 is Friday, August 11...." Would a petition help, or is there someone I can talk to directly?

May 30th, 2002

This is what happens when people with no intelligence or talent want attention. No, it isn't pretty.

June 2nd, 2002

It's not even laughably *bad* enough to deserve all the hype.

Dutchboy, from
March 11th, 2003

Anthony Flash is an unrivaled genius, all of his detractors will soon taste my wrath. He will find you and I will mete out your punishment, dogs.

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