9:05 / Adam Cadre (2000)

Robb's Old EB Manager's Verdict::
9:05? Robb was lucky to get here by ten. Freaking slacker.
Edgar Allen Poe's Verdict:
Ah! Too much has been said already!
My Verdict:
I can't tell you anything about the game without completely spoiling it for you.

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He has written Varicella, Interstate Zero, Textfire Golf, Shrapnel and Photopia. Varicella and I-0 both won XYZZY Game of the Year awards for 1999 and 1997 respectively.  His games page is here (and his main home page right  here).
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I can not tell you anything about this game without totally and completely ruining it for you. In fact, in simply letting you know that there may -- just possibly -- be more to the game then what is immediately obvious, I have without question spoiled the enjoyment you would otherwise have in playing 9:05. So instead, I would like to talk about the failure of the 1999 New Orleans Saints professional football club.

It sickened me to the core to see them lose the string of games that started with a September 19th loss to San Francisco. See, if Chris Hewitt didn't commit helmet-to-helmet contact with San Fran QB Steve Young then he would not have been flagged for a penalty, the Saints would have had the ball on downs and let time expire for a win. Instead the Niners drove the rest of the way ("drove" being sort of a misnomer. They essentially drew flags from the officials because of their past reputation -- no actual completions were achieved) and tied the game up. We got the ball back and our QB threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown. This all happened in the last three minutes of the football game.

Absolutely devastating. Who the hell is Steve Young and why does he get that sort of reputation? Why is the league trying to protect him of all players? To hell with that. I'd like to find out where he lives. I presume it's either in Utah or California. I would like to enter his house in the middle of the night and hack him to pieces with a lengthy butcher knife. I would throw his intestines about the room like a puppy surrounded by wrapping paper on Christmas Day. I would detach his head from his body and put my hand up it, engaging in a sort of puppet conversation. "Did you screw the Saints, Steve?" "Oh yes, very much so," I would make him say by flapping his jaw up and down. I would chortle in glee and then engage in my masterstroke. I would become Steve Freaking Young. It would be OK. Sure, someone might get wise and say, "Hey! You're not a handsome 37 year old Mormon with curly black hair that is in tip-top physical shape! You're a  goofy-looking dillsnick with fake yellow hair!" Perhaps I would make it through training camp and maybe I wouldn't. I'll guarantee you this: you don't want "Steve Young" on your fantasy football season when he's playing the Saints next season. I suspect I will be able to take fifty points off his career quarterback rating. Also, that whole "harem" thing that Mormons engage in? It's time for Steve to stop disappointing ol' Brigham. We are talking twenty more wives. I want to be able to go three weeks sampling the best Utah has to offer, thank you very much. Select whoever you want with the #3 pick in the draft this year, Frisco, it doesn't matter. I will be Steve Young and I will go out of my way to absolutely make me and the team suck.

You see, I rather enjoyed 9:05 then.

Simple Rating
8.5 / 10

9.1 / 10


8.6 / 10

8.0 / 10

There were many occasions where I had to be holding an item before I could use it which was somewhat aggravating. On the other hand, the game knows everything you might do before you try it, so you're never otherwise frustrated. It balances out, narmean?

Puzzle Quality
8.8 / 10

Parser Responsiveness
9.8 / 10

Adam has always been well above the curve with parser responsiveness and this game is no different.

Reader Comments:

Eric Mayer
January 11th, 2000

At least Mike Ditka did not have a heart attack and Steve Young was not throwing so called laterals. So why complain?

Adam Cadre
January 11th, 2000

Notes from the "yes, it's deliberate" department: I actually wanted the gameplay to be as frustratingly fiddly as it could reasonably get (having to pick up items before using them, having to open and close doors (which I usually don't even bother to really implement)) for a couple of reasons. One was to slow down the pacing and make it seem as though no matter how hard you tried to rush, there was always something keeping you from getting out of that goddamn house. But another was to make it seem as much as possible like one of those "hey, I just learned Inform so now I'm going to implement my apartment" games, which is the genre I was trying to have some fun with. Of course, the problem was that most people know that I *haven't* just learned Inform, so I gave some serious thought to releasing it under a fake name. Eventually I decided against this, mainly because (a) it's too damn short and inconsequential to go through the rigmarole of a pretentious identity unveiling and (b) if people *didn't* think there was something else to it, they probably wouldn't play it. (Unless it was in the comp, but I didn't want to sit on it for ten months, and besides, it's too damn short and inconsequential for a comp entry in any case.) Still, people seem to like it. Go figger.

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