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Avenue 5

Post by pinback » Sun Feb 09, 2020 5:38 pm

From a sci-fi show I was looking forward to, that I don't like, to Avenue 5, a sci-fi show I had never heard of, and that now I look forward to greatly every week.

Avenue 5 is an HBO show about a cruise ship that cruises the solar system instead of the oceans. The ship is captained by Hugh Laurie, who (for a reason explained in the show) cannot keep his accent consistent. Sometimes he does his American (House) accent. Othertimes he does his non-American (everything else) accent.

Everyone onboard the ship is aggressively inept and obnoxious. Absolutely none of it makes sense. It's a comedy, but you will probably not laugh out loud much.

But it's so goddamn BIZARRE -- the setting, the characters, the... everything -- that it's just a blast to watch, and after it's over, if someone asks "did you like it?" you will say "yes" without being able to explain why.

The end credit theme song is this discordant, droning strings arrangement which would fit more aptly in a horror movie than in a farcical sci-fi comedy. Even that part is bizarre.

It's the weirdest show on TV, and it blows that fuckin' Picard straight outta the sky.
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