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Kill List

Post by pinback » Sun Nov 17, 2019 2:16 pm

I hadn't seen an actual Netflix DVD envelope in at least a decade. But there it was. My wife had heard that this was the hidden gem, THE horror/thriller movie that snuck under the radar but that everyone had to see. Okay.

It wasn't a good movie-watching night. The dogs were out of control. Mina was extremely excited about whatever bright colors appeared in front of her for that hour and a half. The audio was just awful. I was riding the remote the whole time, because I had to crank it up to max to hear anyone when they were speaking quietly, and had to crank it back down to minimum when there was any action, because it would shake the room. And besides that, I could barely understand what they were saying anyway, with the deep cockney accents and whatnot.

I got the gist of the movie, though, in broad strokes. Couple of hitmen go down their list of victims, but while they're doing them, some strange things happen, and then eventually some EXTREMELY strange things happen, and then... well, I didn't quite understand it, but that was because it was extremely difficult for me to watch given what was going on in the house at the moment, and I'm sure I missed some important plot points.

Except apparently I didn't, because I looked the movie up on MRQE afterward, and saw a lot of very positive reviews saying "a wonderfully tense, bizarre thriller! We don't quite know what happened at the end, but it was great!"

I like a lot of movies that I'm sure people think are just movies you're "supposed" to like. But I really like them! This is a movie that I have to think everyone else liked because they were supposed to like it. Because the last twenty minutes go on a bizarre tilt that doesn't make any sense at all, for which there is no explanation, and to which I suspect you're supposed to react "WOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!" but it doesn't. It's just bizarre for bizarreness' sake. I can't believe there are so many reviews saying "We don't know what happened either, but it's great!"

It's not the kind of "we don't know what happened" like in truly great films where the outcome is left for the viewer's interpretation. It's the kind of "we don't know what happened" where a bunch of stupid shit goes on and they just end the movie.

Kill List sucks, and everyone who liked it is an idiot.

The acting was good.
Above all else... We shall go on... And continue!

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Re: Kill List

Post by AArdvark » Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:00 pm

I read the plot on Wiki and the hunchback at the end is my favorite part.


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