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Do you have a pressure cooker, and if so do you use it?

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Casual Observer
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The Pressure Cooker Thread

Post by Casual Observer » Fri Oct 11, 2019 3:08 pm


I just got my first ever pressure cooker, in this case a massive 12 quart digital one that weighs a ton (well, like 25 pounds). I never bothered to get one before, satisfying my cooking needs with a crock pot, oven, stovetop, and of course grilling. I've been watching Iron Chef for decades now and almost every episode involves a pressure cooker in one way or another but I never actually thought of trying it myself.

Wow. This thing cooks quickly and well. Just got it this week to cook some Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Lime Rice and Black Beans. Simply amazing. We set the chicken on "slow cook" for about 4 hours to let the flavors savor and then finished off with 30 minutes of high pressure and it came out perfect. The meat literally slid off the bone of the chicken legs and each bite was full of flavor.

I had no idea that you could cook regular rice in 7 minutes. I ain't talking minute rice my friends, regular cheap white rice. Just put 2 cups of rice with 1 1/2 cups liquid, 3 tbsp Avacado Oil, and juice of 1 lime into the pot. Stir around then set the cooker to "rice" and then lower the time from the standard 8 minutes down to 6. After 6 minutes, manually release the steam, open the pot and fluff up the rice. Perfectly cooked sticky rice which went wonderfly with the black beans and jerk chicken with the lovely jerk chicken broth.

Next up is going to be pot roast which apparently can be cooked in less than an hour to the point of tender falling apart goodness.

Do you guys use pressure cookers? Am I an idiot who should have been doing this years ago?

I guess my next cooking frontier is going to be Sous-vide.

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The Happiness Engine
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Re: The Pressure Cooker Thread

Post by The Happiness Engine » Fri Oct 11, 2019 4:59 pm

I do use them, and they are great.[1] They are really damn recent, with every other brand getting in on the game only a couple years ago. It is technically an "electric multi-cooker", commonly called an "Instant Pot" after one of the first popular brands. They are lifesavers for stews and soups and dry beans. You can make chili from a bag of beans in about an hour! I would not use the 'slow cook' feature as it really dries things out. You can set it to pressure cook and after the timer goes off it should shift to keep warm. Here's a quick intro: ... d-for.html

Split pea soup in 30 minutes? by the time you make some sandwiches to go with it it's already done! ... ecipe.html

I don't know if yours beeps little tunes, but mine was made by Chinese immigrants to Canada. "It future! Why you NO want robot pot play music?!"

A sous-vide is a much more niche tool but it is great for cooking meat that is tricky to not overcook and for being able to start it up in the morning and be able to plate up fine no matter if you get dinner delayed by four hours. It will also soft-boil eggs by the dozen. You CAN do things like make mashed potatoes with it but it doesn't save time or effort, it just allows shifting some of the cooking work from "all my kids are home from school" to "it's the middle of the goddamn day and Imma plop this bag down and get wine-drunk." There is a fat Brazilian man with WAY too much time and money who has already demonstrated everything you can and cannot do with a sous-vide.

This is a TERRIBLE post and if you have some more specific questions I might be able to entertain.

[1] What is not great is starting to make a big pot of white rice, adding the rice, fetching the water... and realizing all the rice has run down the gaps around the heating plate and is in the guts. FORTUNATELY I can pull 1 screw to shake most of it out, and 3 more to disassemble the whole thing to its bits.

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