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Last Jedi

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I thought it was extremely uneven. It has some really terrible, terrible scenes, but also has a several of the coolest/best scenes in Star Wars history.

The (spoiler)

...destruction of Snoke's triangle ship is the best moment that has ever existed in all eight movies, by a wide margin. And the red salt thing was fantastic.

Anything with Rey/Kylo was interesting, new and fresh. Anything where they tried to shoehorn the "classic" characters in paled in comparison. Except for Luke, who was awesome.

I give much of this movie two stars. But I give quite a bit of it four stars.

Three stars, then!
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Re: Last Jedi

Post by Flack »

The destruction of Snoke's ship was amazing in the theater. A moment of silence, followed by... well, you know.

I don't know why Rian Johnson decided to single-handedly re-write how the Force works, or why Disney let him do that. All that nonsense that "anyone can use the Force" is terrible. It's a by product of "everybody is special." Not everybody can use the Force. Some people gotta be bartenders and shit.

Lucas always contended that the Star Wars trilogies would be about the Skywalkers. 1-3 was Anakin's story, 4-6 was Luke's story, and 7-9 was supposed to be the "new" Skywalkers. When Lucas sold everything, that all went to shit. There's no consistency with this new trilogy at all. After episode 7, there were a million theories about who Snoke was and what part he would play in the remaining two films. I don't think anyone predicted what happened in episode 8.

Both of the stand alone films (Rogue One and Solo) have been pretty good.

I dunno, man. Hard to go three stars with Leia Poppins. It hurts when old friends change.
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