Password protection feature for games

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Password protection feature for games

Post by rld »

Does any one use or intend to use the 'password protect' that prevents you from opening games in the editor? It doesn't really provide all that much protection anyway, since you can always just move the files you want to look at / edit to another game directory and edit them there (as if they were part of the new game).

Or alternatively, if you create a new game with the same name, and copy all the game files from the old one into the new directory except for the config file, that will give you access to everything since the password is stored in the config file.

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Post by Tdarcos »

I cannot see where a password system - for anything - does much of any good unless it's mandatory either for authentication or for access (or both).

This site uses a password for authentication or you can't access it as a logged-in user.

Zip files that are password protected require the password for access or you get an encrypted, unreadable mess of garbage.

If the password doesn't provide a complete method of access and/or authentication protection, it's worthless.
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Post by Ice Cream Jonsey »

Yeah, how many ACK games are really getting released here? Open that shit up, people!
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Post by Garth's Equipment Shop »

Nope never used it and never intend to

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Post by joebonk »

Is it true that the games can be exported from ACK and be played without having an Ack installed? In that way you couldn't edit them anyways. I think it would be cool to find out the password by passing the game and the game tells you the password. If you like the game that much to use it's content you probably would finish it through. But I can't see using the password myself.

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