I found the most insipid list of all time

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Re: I found the most insipid list of all time

Post by Jizaboz » Wed Aug 15, 2018 1:12 pm

Yeah I find myself muting commercials pretty often. Then I pick up my phone or something to read for a bit.

"These children have cancer.." <mute>
"Save the snow leopard.." <mute>
"Do you or someone you love suffer from drug addiction?" <mute>
"Flo from Progres.." <fucking MUTE>

Ever notice how if you try to change channels during a commercial.. the other channels are either already playing a commercial or about to? You know they do that shit on purpose.

I don't watch many newer shows either. I didn't care for Lost and I don't have HBO so I know nothing of shows that played there. Lately with Sling TV the only modern shows I seem to watch are shows on History Channel about aliens, knives or tech, Ghost hunter type shows on Travel Channel, and.. yeah I can't even think of another at the moment.

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Re: I found the most insipid list of all time

Post by AArdvark » Wed Aug 15, 2018 1:28 pm

My wife loves those CSI NCIS toture pr0n shows. I cant even sit in the same room with the tv going.


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