Shutting Down the Computer via the Keyboard

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Does your keyboard have a power or sleep button

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Shutting Down the Computer via the Keyboard

Post by Tdarcos »

Link From: (Subject: Spellcasting 101; Board: Berthilda's Kitchen)

Posted By: Ice Cream Jonsey, Thu Feb 22, 2007 4:27 pm
... Who the fuck puts "Power off" on their keyboard. How lazy do you have to be. How can ANY GOOD come out of this, unless you are a slave to your cats.

I guess I have to buy a new Model M.
Posted by: Tdarcos, Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:40 am
Another thing that includes a power-off button: My new eSource 125-key multimedia keyboard I got for $10 from Big Lots to replace a plain $3.95 keyboard from Inland that had three missing keys. While I was using it I brush-passed the "Power" button, causing windows to inform me it was shutting down. In about 45 seconds it was off.

Fortunately I lost nothing but I decided to nip this impudent behavior in the bud.

Control Panel -> Power Options -> (On whichever power plan you have selected, click on) Change Plan Settings -> Change advanced power settings

In the new window that opens, scroll down to Power Buttons and Lid, click the plus on the left. Do the same for Power Button Action and Sleep Button Action. Click on the value to the right of Setting, it will turn into a combo box. Click on the drop-down arrow on the right, select Do Nothing for both, then click the OK button at the bottom of the window and once you do, the power and sleep keys are dead.
Subsequent Message:
Ice Cream Jonsey wrote:I'm going to count this one in that thread so we can track it. But like I said, I understand that Paul needs this place. There's more going on here than a guy posting poorly.
When Flack said you had been waiting 10 years for someone to answer, I thought he was kidding, and I never looked at your original post, since a fresh message was here I didn't notice that the message before the new one was literally from 2007.

Then, since I thought it was a fresh message, and, completely by accident I picked up the new keyboard I had literally just connected the day before, that it also has a "Power" button and I struck it, causing the machine to perform a shutdown. Since I thought the message was recent I posted a correction on how to disable the power and sleep buttons figuring it was relevant to the conversation. After I had posted it, then I noticed it was from 2007.

Please excuse the length of this message, I'm too tired to do a link and summary but I wanted you to understand that I thought it was directly relevant, since I had accidentally had the same problem, I hit the stupid "off" button on my keyboard.

Oh screw it I will make a link.
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Post by Ice Cream Jonsey »

I think we'd all benefit if we got the Commander to play through Spellcasting 101.
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Post by RealNC »

Have you guys tried Munt?

You'll need to download MT-32 and CL-64 ROMS from p2p, but it sounds like a real MT-32. The Spellcasting games (and all other Legend games) work well with it.
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Post by Jizaboz »

I messed with it once for Ultima VI. I'll have to revisit it for Spellcasting and some of the Sierra games.
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