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Post by Billy Mays » Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:40 pm

Ice Cream Jonsey wrote:
Billy Mays wrote:Take for example, why couldn't you just say (and it wouldn't be a stretch based on precedent):

"What I REALLY meant to say when I said the Settling of Scores thread was for Billy, is that it ACTUALLY means that anyone who wants to attack him should do so there because you will just have to check back there later to see how he responds anyways."

You and I both know the reason for this, and it is the same reason that I signed The Square Deal agreement ONLY with the Ill Will clause as you worded it.
Ah yes, good stuff. Communities frequently love it when a guy comes in, is widely unpopular (not with me, with others) and then starts arguing for changes within that community. This will go over well. :/
Sorry for trying to argue for equal treatment under the rules, that's all I was trying to do, but I took things too far.

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