Insane reasons to outlaw homosexual marriage

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Should we have alloed gay marriage?

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Insane reasons to outlaw homosexual marriage

Post by Tdarcos » Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:59 am

Hi, I'm Bubba, and I'm going to give you really important reasons we shouldn't being allowin' them faygots and carpet munchers to get married. Not mere religious reasons, but serious, real-world reasons.

1. If they let gays marry, this will so increase the number of marriages that they'll have to start rationing them. I mean, it isn't like they can just create more marriages as they need them.

2. There aren't a whole lot of good marriages, and if the gays start taking those, the straight people will have to get marriages that are of lower quality.

3. Lesbians getting married will decrease the supply of women that men can have for girlfriends and wives.

(Now, if you want to respond, try to pick other "reasons" that are batshit crazy, that is, the reason on its face is either flatly wrong or self-contradictory.)
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