Should I split Roodylib into more files?

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Should Roodylib be split up into multiple files?

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Should I split Roodylib into more files?

Post by Roody_Yogurt » Mon Mar 30, 2015 3:23 pm

So, one of the things I want to do for Roodylib before I put out the next official release is incorporate more optional extensions into it- things like automatic exit listing and possibly newmenu.

The thing is, roodylib.h is getting pretty big. Now, I try to make it easier to browse by giving decent headings to the various sections, but I can imagine it's still a bit daunting to anyone looking at it for the first time.

I could break it up into several files. It'd do all of the file inclusion itself, but the downside is that it'd be another handful of files cluttering up your game directory if you don't keep your library files in a separate folder.

I also would probably have to split up RlibMessages into several message routines (depending what file the applicable routine or object is in), resulting in more message routines to replace when fine-tuning messages for your game.