Pot Pie Faces

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Pot Pie Faces

Post by Flack » Fri Aug 03, 2018 5:24 am

Sadly, not edible.

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Re: Pot Pie Faces

Post by AArdvark » Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:47 pm

Mmmmm, corpse pie. Serve those bad boys at Halloween dinner!

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Ice Cream Jonsey
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Re: Pot Pie Faces

Post by Ice Cream Jonsey » Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:17 pm

the dark and gritty...Ice Cream Jonsey!

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Re: Pot Pie Faces

Post by Jizaboz » Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:07 pm

Ok watched this. Was extremely disappointed that the pies weren’t shown bubbling and pulsating right out of the oven.

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