I'm getting a new printer!

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I'm getting a new printer!

Post by Tdarcos »

I have a bit of an unusual problem. This year, I, like everyone else, received the $1,200 stimulus payment. Under rules for Medicare and especially Medicaid, this put me above the amount of money i'm allowed to have, so I had to spend about another $100.

So, i looked around and for $104.99 I found an
HP DeskJet Plus 4155 Wireless All-in-One Printer which supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so if I have router problems like the ones that made it difficult to access my NAS, i could always print documents to PDF and have my tablet queue them for printing. The price includes a $5 credit toward a subscription for HP ink, which "can cut ink cost by up to 50%" and can be "as low as $3 a month" including shipping and recycling of used cartridges (thus keeping them away from recyclers who refill them at a discount).

Yeah, I know, buying HP ink means I'm preparing to lose my other leg and an arm. But I've gotten to the point I have enough documents backed up that I either need to print or scan that I might as well get one. I'll put it on the windowsill. I probably could have gotten a different brand wireless printer for around $79, but it might not include ink (meaning anything from $15 up to another $50), and could take until October 12.

By coincidence, the cheapest paper was HP 20# 92 bright white, at $5.99 for 500 sheets. So I ordered one pack.

It's supposed to arrive by 9 tonight, which probably means Cora will bring it by with tomorrow's mail.
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