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One Way Drink Window

Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2020 6:33 am
by Flack
While out driving around yesterday, my wife and I pulled into a McDonald's drive-thru to purchase two drinks. The guy at the speaker asked me what we wanted. I replied, "I would like two large unsweet iced-teas." The guy tells us to pull around to the first window.

At the first window, we pay. The guy is standing there with a drink carrier and says, "did you order one sweet and one unsweet iced tea?" I'm not even sure how that happened, as my order began with "I would like TWO...". So the guy looks at the two drinks in his hands and says, "well, they gave me one sweet, and one unsweet." He then hands me one of the two drinks and tells me to pull forward to the second window and collect the second drink there.

McDonald's has a pretty bad track record of giving us the correct drink, so we always check 'em real quick before we drive off. Sure enough, the one drink we received is sweet, not unsweet. Great job, Window 1 guy!

At the second window there are two girls. Girl 1 opens the window and hands me a large drink. At that same time, I attempt to hand her back the first drink (the sweet tea). Then I say, "we're going to need another unsweet tea. This one's sweet."

Girl 2 immediately sticks her head out through the window and says, "uh, NO, you got the other drink at the first window."

I reply, "yes, and it's sweet. We ordered two unsweet drinks. Here's the sweet one back. We need another unsweet tea."

As I hand the drink out the window, Girl 2 snaps her hand back in. "Uh, SIR, we are not allowed to take back DRINKS through through the drive-thru."

"What am I supposed to do with it?" I ask. She closes the window.

A few seconds later, Girl 2 reopens the window and asks again what I need. I'm still holding the sweet tea and say I need an unsweet tea. She then reaches for the drink and I say, "I thought you couldn't take drinks back through the drive-thru?" She then says "OH YEAH I FORGOT" and shuts the window again.

Normally I would be perturbed by now, but the situation is so ridiculous that my wife and I are now both giggling. It appears as if they think we are trying to scam them out of a large unsweet tea, even though I'm actively trying to hand it back. For the record, iced-tea is literally one of the most profitable things in any restaurant, period. It costs McDonald's a nickle or less to make a large iced tea, and that includes the cost of the cup, straw, ice, and tea.

Eventually Girl 1 returns. She opens the window, shoves another drink at me, and closes the window. No thanks, or apology, or shrug, or anything. Just, boom.

There's no trash can, so I pull forward ten feet, pop the lid off the sweet tea, and dump it in the drive thru before putting the cup in my rear floorboard.

It has since been mansplained to me that the reason the employee wouldn't take the cup back was probably due to covid. That didn't cross my mind because nobody in the drive thru was wearing a mask, and the two girls in window #2 were standing so close they looked like one of those two-headed monsters from a bad 70s drive-in movie. And now that I think about it, they didn't seem worried about catching teh covid when I handed them $2.17 in cash. Maybe it just sticks to cups? I dunno.

30 seconds after we drove off, both my wife and I busted out laughing. Also I made sure I kept the first drink we got because I'm sure the second one was filled with spit.

Re: One Way Drink Window

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2020 2:57 pm
by AArdvark

Re: One Way Drink Window

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2020 3:02 pm
by Casual Observer
Yeah, stores and restaurants won't take anything back now. I've gotten numerous extra items for this reason including a $60 vape cartridge.

Re: One Way Drink Window

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 12:13 pm
by Tdarcos
Which reminds me, I have a video on the subject of returning things that I need to finish editing. It's all in the can, I just need to cut and splice.