The Mail Theft at the Old Place

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The Mail Theft at the Old Place

Post by Ice Cream Jonsey »

When we lived downtown we had our mail stolen pretty regularly by the actual carriers of the post office. These thefts were never permanently eliminated. You can absolutely get a job in the post office, get the specific job of giving packages to people in the 80205 area code and then simply steal all the packages for your own benefit. You will not be investigated in any way, shape or form. There are no consequences.

We had weeks of getting the packages for some time and then not. When my cat Boggit was diagnosed with cancer, he was placed on a program to get chlorambucil and another drug that had to be kept cold. It would get overnighted and I had to come home and place it in the fridge so it would work. The day before we had a package not show up. I was talking to a worthless piece of shit in an office about this leading up to this when I wrote the following email to him, his boss and a few others I'd been talking to along the way:
On Friday we had another package marked as delivered that did not arrive. It was [tracking code redacted]

Since I have contacted you -- months ago -- absolutely no action has been taken, no perpetrators have been identified. This is at least the 25th package that has been marked as delivered but not actually delivered since we moved here. Apparently you can steal packages in Denver as a mail carrier, secure in the knowledge that no person will lift a single finger to investigate you.

How is this acceptable? Would you put up with this? We asked Ron Domingo, who is in charge of our post office, to hold our packages at the annex. He told us that he was going to do so. This has proven to be an outright LIE. We have never, ever gotten notice that a package has been held. The last couple of packages that we did received made
it, but we're back to where we started.

I know you don't care in the slightest, but I want to provide a small anecdote to what our lives have been like since our carriers have started stealing our packages. We had a cat that was diagnosed with feline lymphoma a couple months ago. Because I couldn't trust that our mail would arrive, I had to get his medicine delivered to Amazon lockers or our in-laws in Littleton to ensure that it arrived. I wish I could impart to you the seething frustration of driving two hours out of our way in rush hour traffic to obtain medicine that had to be kept cold because history indicated that our carriers would mark it as delivered and ignore phone calls when they gave us one bald-faced lie after another regarding delivery. Our carriers knew there would be absolutely no repercussions to marking items as delivered and lying about it. You have known about our predicament since March - surely by now you have names, right? Surely by now you can tell us the carriers responsible have been terminated? You're ready to cut us a check for the hundreds of dollars we have had stolen from us?

We are going to 9News with this because, quite frankly, there is absolutely no evidence that anything has been done about the blatant and obvious postal theft for the 80205 area code. We are disgusted with the lack of action and follow-up. I honestly don't understand why it is so difficult to identify the carriers for the packages based on the numerous packages marked as delivered and ask them where the items are and then terminate them when it has been proven that they are stealing or otherwise hiding the items.
We did go to 9News but they never contacted us, which is amazing because what I know about local news "Area resident not able to get life-saving medicine for their cat due to postal theft" sounds right up their alley. The threat of it caused whoever was running the office to ask my wife and I to come in so they could talk to us about it. They DID manage to get us packages for the next three or four months afterwards... and then it started up again.

This particular post office branch was shut down permanently earlier this year.
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Re: The Mail Theft at the Old Place

Post by Jizaboz »

Damn that’s just pathetic on their part. Wonder if the fedz did an audit or something then shut the place down after seeing results.
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Re: The Mail Theft at the Old Place

Post by Tdarcos »

Well, a Post Office that regularly steals packages sounds luke a great moneymaking proposition. Ship lots of packages insured for <strike> $10,000</strike> $5,000 and when they turn up missing, jackpot!
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