Doing other people's jobs for them

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Doing other people's jobs for them

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This has really gotten out of control lately. I am curious if you guys have seen this in your lives or not. I call it "having to do other people's jobs for them." Let me list some examples.

- I was trying to get a loaner setup when I took my car in this week. I was told, oh, you gotta call this guy named Not before the end of the day to see if there's cars available. (That's the first flag - really? I, your customer, have to CALL A GUY you work with?) I call the guy. He's not around. A person takes a message. I don't get a call back. So now I've got to chase the dealership down again to see if I have to spend $100 on shuttling my ass around with Lyft. That's me doing their job.

- I am trying to get my 401ks all in one account instead of three. This has been going on since FEBRUARY. Their entire industry is setup to where you have to fill out these forms and then send them off and then someone tells you the form is wrong. I even have a guy at the target 401k helping me. All they need from me in the real world is, what, a signature? But it's been a constantly struggle of checks not getting sent and other stuff.

- I bought an arcade board, a new one, from a guy for Zoo Keeper and Qix. I hooked it up wrong and fried it. Wrote the designer and he said that for $80 he fixes them. I shipped it to him and he said he would take a look. That was last week and I have not heard anything back. Whoops, not last week. September of 2018. I have written three follow up messages and not gotten replies. He posts every day on the arcade forums, but now I have to track this dude down there or on IRC or something to see what the fuck is up with my $400 board.

- I had a $300 US security deposit for a place I stayed in last weekend. I, a mid-40s gamer idiot with a wife, had to lay down $300 so I wouldn't trash the hotel room. They said it's a temporary charge. (It wasn't, it was a regular charge.) I left Sunday at 5:00AM, it's now Wednesday and they haven't gotten around to putting the reversal charge yet, so now I have to chase them around to do their fucking jobs.

- We are getting a piece of furniture delivered that is large at the house. Three guys show up. They act like they want me to come up with a fucking plan to get it set. Do they not do this for a living? Yeah, there's a railing and maybe you need to take the bolts off. How about this, I'll go to *my* job so I can afford the thing, the three of you each take one third of a wrench and take the rail off, Master Blaster style, so we can get the thing delivered. Or I'll say fuck it and I can get a refund and you guys can go tell your boss you fucked up the sale. Whoops, "get a refund" - it would be me chasing them around for my money. (In this one I threw my hands up and got in my car and drove off to work and rather than ask my wife to unbolt the railing, they apparently did it.)

I'll keep track of other examples, but fuck it's amazing to me how ridiculously lazy and helpless the average person I encounter is at some other company.
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