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Next Show: October 18th, 8-10 PM Mountain

Post by Ice Cream Jonsey » Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:51 pm

Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:41:33 AM): You would characterize your ego as "fragile", then.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:41:49 AM): Yes, it's incredibly fragile at the moment. Usually I do not have an ego so I make up for it when I get dumped.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:42:00 AM): Wrong.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:42:05 AM): Wrong??!

Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:42:34 AM): You always have an incredibly fragile ego which is WHY when you get dumped it's like this, and you need to get back into a relationship right away. The relationship is the scaffolding upon which your fragile ego boosts itself.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:42:57 AM): "As long as some broad can stand me, I'm okay!"
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:43:16 AM): Oh.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:44:56 AM): For the record, it isn't "some broad," it's "some good-looking broad."
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:45:18 AM): That's fine.

Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:45:32 AM): Anyway, that's your problem. Boom. Solved. COUNT IT.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:45:51 AM): That money you were going to pay to the shrink? [Ben's address redacted.]

Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:46:18 AM): Well, I was going to find a hot psychiatrist, skip out on the bill and then invite her over for payment.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:46:27 AM): But then also continue to skip out on the bill.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:46:45 AM): Approved.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:46:49 AM): Milker gave me shit because I said I would only see an attractive, female psychiatrist.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:47:08 AM): I'm not spending an hour a week trapped in a room with some bag.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:47:17 AM): AND paying for it
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:47:17 AM): Christ
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:47:18 AM): Yeaaah, your'e fine.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:47:36 AM): Do they have stripper psychiatrists? Maybe that's your thing.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:47:55 AM): Well lemme check Kickstarter.

Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:48:29 AM): Anyway, you're not serious about getting better. I don't even think you NEED to "get better"!
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:48:38 AM): I am serious!
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:49:04 AM): Mmm.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:49:15 AM): I am promising you that I am serious about the future. I am a promiseer.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:49:25 AM): Then all this "attractive female psychiatrist" stuff must be a joke! Ha ha!
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:49:33 AM): Oh. Well, no.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:49:58 AM): Then obviously you're not serious.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:50:09 AM): I think this needs to be the next Don Rogers Show.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:50:14 AM): It will be.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:50:19 AM): Clash will also be involved.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:50:25 AM): It will be on a Thursday, shortly after I get back into town.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:50:23 AM): But yes, I am serious. I would like to talk to an attractive woman for 50 minutes a week about my problems.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:50:28 AM): I don't know why that's not considered "serious."
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:50:51 AM): Yes, well, if the DOCTOR'S ATTRACTIVENESS is more important than GOING TO THE DOCTOR, then you're not serious.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:50:53 AM): I want her to wear really short skirts and glasses.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:51:13 AM): I wonder if there's a website that lets you see them in a 360 degree view first.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:52:46 AM): This is ridiculous.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:53:02 AM): It is bogus, and this behavior is unacceptable.

Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:53:11 AM): Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.

Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:55:11 AM): If you had a broken leg, would you not go to the doctor to get it fixed if it was an ugly broad?
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:55:47 AM): I would, but this is different.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:55:55 AM): It is not. You have a BROKEN BRAIN.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:56:01 AM): And you need to go get it FIXED.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:55:56 AM): I don't have to say anything other than, "Eeeeeeeeeagh!" if it's a broken leg.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:56:22 AM): I'm not giving a closeup view into a soul in torment to anyone unless she goes at least 5'9" with lovely eyes.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:56:31 AM): Alright, this conversation is over.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:56:42 AM): Enjoy your mental illness.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:57:32 AM): "Enjoy your mental illness." God. Thanks.

Pinback: (10/2/2012 11:58:09 AM): October 18th, 8-10 PM mountain time.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 11:58:43 AM): That's the next show? I'll try to get a proper headset.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 12:00:53 PM): An attractive headset.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 12:00:59 PM): What about a guy shrink?
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 12:38:58 PM): I will not go see a dude, no.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 1:06:59 PM): conversation over
Pinback: (10/2/2012 1:07:05 PM): You're not looking for a shrink, you're looking for a date.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 1:07:11 PM): This is part of the problem.

Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 1:08:14 PM): We can settle it on the air.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 1:08:28 PM): I guarantee I can find someone who agrees with me on the air before you find one that agrees with you.
Pinback: (10/2/2012 1:13:25 PM): Nobody will agree with you. You are literally talking like a crazy person.
Ice Cream Jonsey (10/2/2012 1:14:06 PM): Well I hope the people who can help me here in Denver enjoy salads and biking.
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Post by pinback » Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:00 pm

Enjoy the new-look website, as well!
Above all else... We shall go on... And continue!

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