Additional cheat commands?

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Additional cheat commands?

Post by rld » Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:23 am

Looking at the part of the code in O_PLAY0A.PAS which implements the various cheat/debug commands, and trying to think if anything else useful might be added here for game development.

One thing I definitely want to do is fix it so you can use the variable PEEK/POKE command (Ctrl-P, when debug mode is enabled), to read/write both sets of variables (A-Z and A2-Z2), not just A-Z as is currently implemented.

Anyone have any other suggestions for debug commands that might be helpful?

The current cheat/debug/special key list is:

Code: Select all

Normal game commands
   Change combat message speed
   Sound on/off/volume

Cheat/debug commands
   Reload editor files
   Show transparency mask/status
   Switch keybuffer on/off (not sure what this does exactly)
   Flight mode on/off
   Show free memory amount
   Restore HP/MP to maximum levels
   Show current location
   Show current time
   Warp to a specified location
   Run a specified macro
   Turn on invisible mode

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Re: Additional cheat commands?

Post by Tdarcos » Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:27 am

rld wrote:Anyone have any other suggestions for debug commands that might be helpful?
See if you can find a copy of DUNGEON, which was the predecessor to ZORK that was written in Fortran and ran on the PDP-11 minicomputer.

There has been a release of DUNGEON that runs on the PC. Well, there is a cheat/debug system built into DUNGEON called GDT. It will basically allow you to
* show every message text by entering its number
* examine and change game variables, flags and settings
* examine and change arrays
* move user anywhere
* open and close some/all doors
* lock and unlock some/all locks
And other things. It might give you ideas.

Found it: ... ource.html - Search this page for Dungeon, there are 10 related files in the group. Once you have it running, bring up GDT and try the help.
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Post by Ice Cream Jonsey » Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:52 am

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