[WIP] Return to Aventuria <<ACS to ACK port>>

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[WIP] Return to Aventuria <<ACS to ACK port>>

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Along with the Rivers of Light adventure, ACS came with a simpler example, "Land of Aventuria". This consisted of a tutorial adventure (How to Play) along with a number of mini-adventures in different genres (like Alice in Wonderland and Save the Galaxy).

I have started work on recreating Aventuria for ACK. It's going to be partly a port and partly a sequel, and I'm planning to include not only the better-looking Amiga-based graphics but also the IBM PC graphics in all their low-res glory.

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Excellent! I guess this means I best get crackin on the ROL project so Chris can include them both in the next version update of the ACK package!
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Cool idea! I have such fond memories of the original... :)
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