Trizbort is COOL

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Trizbort is COOL

Post by Ice Cream Jonsey »

Thanks to Roody for blogging about Trizbort:

It will make a map from a transcript as you play!

I just tried it out with Fallacy of Dawn. It works pretty well. I have a lot of the same room names with FoD, so Trizbort asks for clarification, but once I give it that it's fine.

It did inspire me to name every single room something different in Cyberganked, so there is that!

Anyway, check it out, works for lots of different IF languages.
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Post by Roody_Yogurt »

The funny thing is that the automapper barely ever works for me how I'd like to, but maybe I have the misfortune of always throwing hard-to-map games at it.

Still, the project is an awesome labor of love and it's great to see it getting better all of the time!

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