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Book recommendation: Rookie Privateer by Jamie McFarlane

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 8:02 am
by Tdarcos
There isn't a book section so I'll post this here.

I picked up a great science fiction ebook for Amazon® Kindle®. Especially since the book is free. It's called "Rookie Privateer" by Jamie McFarlane, and if you don't have a Kindle, they have a Windows version of the Kindle Reader as well as an Android app. Unlike the Kindle, both of these are free.

The story is about an asteroid miner and his friend, who, after fighting off pirates, are awarded their captured spaceship. They decide, after being awarded a letter of marque for their results, (and are encouraged) to use the ship to go after pirates. So they do, but the ship they won as a prize needs work. A lot of work. This hilarious scene on the condition of one of the ship's bathrooms (which on a ship is called a head) is a good demonstration:

The main head was on the port side and positioned between the captain's quarters and BR-3. There was a secondary head forward of the armory on the starboard side.

The walls, ceiling and floor of the room were one continuous surface of a low-gloss silver-colored alloy. Integrated into the walls were a few strips of lighting that could be dimmed depending on the sleep cycles of the passengers. The floor's higher friction surface had a definite propensity for holding onto grunge.

The shower head was broken off and it looked like someone had simply compressed the end of the tube to give it a level of spray instead of a constant stream of water. The toilet wasn't in any better shape. It was dinged, dented and covered in layers of things we won't discuss. The null-gravity attachments hung loosely and I suspected they weren't working, which would explain some of the grime that coated the walls. The sink looked like it might have been used for the wrong purposes. In short, it was nearly the worst possible scenario that I could come up with.

I liked the book, and since I have Kindle Unlimited™,I decided to start on the second book in the series, Fool Me Once, which is free, otherwise if you're without Kindle Unlimited, buyable for 99¢.

Since the first book is free it won't show up in a general search on Amazon so I'll give you the direct link.

Rookie Privateer by Jamie McFarlane. Available here.