Happy Birthday, Ben!

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Billy Mays
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Happy Birthday, Ben!

Post by Billy Mays »

Happy Birthday, pinback!!!!

I hope your chicken comes out really nice!

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Re: Happy Birthday, Ben!

Post by bryanb »

Happy birthday, Ben! I honestly nearly started this thread myself, but couldn't verify this really was your birthday in the archives and started to get suspicious that this was all part of an elaborate Jamaican chicken hoax. I thought I might be able to get confirmation somehow on your website, but the website link in your profile just lead to hentai...lots of hentai. However, now that Billy has taken the risk all upon himself I'm happy to join in. Have a great day man!

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Re: Happy Birthday, Ben!

Post by pinback »

Thanks, Billy! Thanks, Bryan! Thanks, whoever replies below this reply!
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Re: Happy Birthday, Ben!

Post by AArdvark »

Birthday happy!

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Re: Happy Birthday, Ben!

Post by ChainGangGuy »

Did you have a Birthday Beer?

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Re: Happy Birthday, Ben!

Post by Casual Observer »

happy happy fun fun

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Re: Happy Birthday, Ben!

Post by Tdarcos »

Considering that you're married, I presume your wife gave you the most special present. As Karla Bonoff sang in Personally:

I got something to give you
That the mailman can't deliver
I can't mail it in
I can't phone it in
I can't send it in, even by your closest kin
I'm bringing it to you, personally

I do not need to know if you got that present.
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Re: Happy Birthday, Ben!

Post by RealNC »

Oh, missed it. Happy birthday... two weeks later...

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