Playing Begin on the Wrong Thing

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Re: Playing Begin on the Wrong Thing

Post by pinback » Fri Apr 26, 2019 8:26 pm

By the way, last year, Tom Nelson promised us we'd be getting a 35th Anniversary Edition this year.

His two caveats were:

1. Technically he has until the end of 2019 to make it a 35th Anniversary Edition.
2. He didn't promise any specific features/updates for the 35th Anniversary Edition.

I have made one request for the 35th Anniversary Edition:

In the current edition, if you fumble-finger a command, or type an incorrect command, it costs you a turn. So you had an incoming torpedo, and you wanted to reinforce your rear-facing shield, so you typed "reni 6" instead of "rein 6" (for "reinforce 6"), and it says something like "I don't know 'reni'." -- and then a turn passes, and the torpedo hits you, and your un-reinforced rear shield collapses, and you die. My one request for the 35th Anniversary Edition was: Typos shouldn't cost you a turn.

Here are my hopes, expectations, and fears for the 35th Anniversary Edition:

WHAT I HOPE: He at least does that one thing I asked, which I feel is probably a one-line code change.
WHAT I FEAR: Well, so far the Begin 2 source was wiped out, the Begin 3 wiki was wiped out, so I assume everything associated with the game will get wiped out for the 35th Anniversary.
Above all else... We shall go on... And continue!

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