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NFL / NBA Lockouts
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I just think that ... wow, I'm about to say something pretty awful about the human race here ... but human beings ... well, let me start with "me" and we'll radiate from there ... *I* find that *I* am pretty easily entertained by just about anything, and when one thing goes away, something else quickly fills that void.

I mean, if you take video games, I've enjoyed thousands and there are tens of thousands I've yet to play, but very rarely does a game make so mad that I announce, "I am mad at this game and I will no longer play it!" More often than not what happens is a new game appears that takes the place of the old game. This happens a lot with iPhone games, downloaded games ... pretty much any free media.

And it happens all the time with television. When I was a kid there were shows that I would sit down every week (or every day) and watch, but now it's just like tv is there to fill the void of time in my life. Like, oh, I have nothing to do tonight from 7pm-9pm so I will just flip channels. As part of our move, Cox Cable gave us every digital cable channel for free for the next 6 months. That's 900+ channels. Guess what? I CAN FIND SOMETHING TO WATCH OUT OF 900 CHANNELS. I feel like I may have a lower bar of entertainment than most people. I will watch America's Funniest Home Videos. I will watch Monster Truck Racing. I will watch the X Games. I will watch Pop Up Video. I will watch UFC fights, even when I don't know the people fighting. I will watch pretty much anything on Discovery, Spike, the Game Show Network, and lots of other channels.

So, do I like basketball? Yes. If the season were going, I probably would have watched basketball last night. But it's not, so I watched football. And during halftime, I watched Ridiculousness (I love that show) and afterwards I watched CNN. And if there's no basketball this year it's not like 3 times a week I will just be staring at a blank television or an empty parking lot at the Ford Convention Center wishing there was basketball. I'll just be doing other stuff.
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