Where I’d Put DEFCON, All-Time
September 16th, 2008 by Pinback

Given our experience with the game the past few weeks, obviously it was a horrendous oversight that DEFCON was left out of both my Top 10 Games of All Time list, and Jonsey’s Top 100 Games lists. 

Let’s figure out where it belongs!

Here’s my original top 10 list:

10. Pyro II
9. NetHack
8. Super Mario 64
7. Grand Theft Auto III
6. Infocom Game
5. Warcraft III
4. Asteroids
3. Far Cry
2. Rollercoaster Tycoon
1. Civilization IV / GalCiv 2

Where do you put DEFCON, a stylistically brilliant, flawless execution of a fast, simple, yet deceptively deep and engrossing strategy game that anyone can play and enjoy, particularly if you were young and impressionable circa 1983?

I look at #4 and I realize, no, I can’t put anything else above Asteroids at this phase of the game. So, that’s the “ceiling”.

Would I trade my experience with WC3 (or the upcoming SC2, which will immediately go to the top of this list) for DEFCON? Ehh. No. WC3 had such a great feel to it, and was so entertaining for so long, that I just don’t think a game as simple as DEFCON can beat it, no matter how unbelievably cool it is.

I’d take it over Pyro II, so it’s up to 10 at least. FUCK YOU PYRO II.

I’d never play Nethack again if I could keep my precious DEFCON. You’re out, HACK!

Super Mario? An amazing experience! That’s a tough one. It basically comes down to who would win in a fight, Mario or Matthew Broderick. Gotta go with Brods. LATER MARIO.

Man. I’m so sick of the fucking GTA games that I really feel like knocking it down too. But until you get sick of them, wow, right? Hmm. Sprawling, unlimited freedom, or a strategy game with like 3 buildings and 5 other units. Know what? Hooray for the little guy. GRAND THEFT FUCK OFF.

So, Infocom or DEFCON? Eh. I can’t deny my roots like that. ‘Com beats ‘CON.

So there you have it.

DEFCON is the 7th best game of all time.

On Jonsey’s list it should be #23.

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